Fun Dough Sea world display 12 u.

Ref. 13453

Magic plasticine games display unit to create marine animal figures. Each display contains 12 units in 6 different models: fish, clown fish, dolphin, tortoise, seal, balloon fish and blue tang fish (2 units per model).
Each game contains one 28 g tub of Fun Dough in different colours, two little eyes to complete the figure and instructions.
Fun Dough modelling paste by APLI Kids is a new concept of fun enabling children to play in a clean and safe manner. Non-toxic and without gluten or allergens. It does not crack, it is flexible and light and dries out in the air in 24 hours without needing an oven or microwave. In addition, it is easy to mix, so you can obtain infinite bright colours that do not lose their intensity with time.
Game with a high didactic value: Helps to develop fine motor skills and creativity, as well as to develop their imagination.
Recommended for children of 6 years or older.

Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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