Stickers game display 12 u.

Ref. 16819
Display unit with sticker games. Each display contains 12 games, 3 different models: the animals, the jungle and the ocean. The purpose of the game is to complete the drawings on the cards using the different geometrical stickers. Each game includes: 6 sheets to fill in with stickers and sheets of removable stickers in geometrical shapes and different colours. The removable stickers in the game enable the child to correct any mistake. This game, developed with the support of educators, has a high didactic value: stimulating fine motor skills, developing mathematical thought, helping concentration, working on hand-eye coordination and favours spatial orientation. Recommended for children of 3 years or older.
Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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12 games

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Sale unit
Adhesivo removible
Removable adhesive