Train puzzle with wooden pieces

Ref. 17202

Wooden puzzle with 5 XXL pieces and 5 blocks of wood numbered 1 - 5. Size of the assembled puzzle: 70 x 22 cm.
Illustrated exclusively by Mariona Cabassa for APLI Kids.
The ideal puzzle for the youngest kids thanks to the size of its blocks and the materials used. The wood of the puzzle as well as the blocks, will withstand impact and dropping by unexperienced hands without any problem.
The puzzle has a dual functionality: assembling the puzzle and placement of the blocks in their correct positions.
This amusing puzzle with wooden blocks will help children to improve their fine motor skills and concentration. In addition, they will learn to add up by counting the elements and associating the different geometrical shapes.
Recommended for children of 2 years or older.

Security warnings

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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Cardboard box with window
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