movil Manualidad341X282
04 Nov. 2016
Do you never know where to put your mobile phone? If you have a toilet roll centre, APLI colored paper and whatever you can think of to decorate it, don't miss this easy and nice handicraft activity
Manualidad341X282_caja para tus cositas
07 Oct. 2016
It couldn't be easier because you're sure to have a shoebox or any other type of box at home that you don't need and we are going to show you how to give it a second life that you may even like better
abeci Manualidad341X282
09 Sep. 2016
Is it cool to leave little messages on the fridge, isn't it? You're sure to love this simple handicraft, which you use practically or play and see who makes the longest word :P MATERIALS APLI magnetic
02 Sep. 2016
We are in a world where everybody has a camera at hand almost 24 hours a day, but most of the photos we take are forgotten. One way to stop this happening is to print them or take them to get printed
Manualidad341X282_teclado craft
29 Jul. 2016
Picasso used to say that inspiration always came to him when he was working... But it always comes sooner if the work environment is pleasant, don't you think? So, today we're going to show you how to
Manualidad341X282_personaliza tu picnic
20 May. 2016
One thing that we love doing is to get together with our friends and enjoy lunch or a snack together outdoors ... And there is nothing better than being able to customise it and organize an original