27 Aug. 2015

I don't prick!

cactusbodego_691x433 Having plants is great - but remembering to water them is another thing! That is why we like the cactus, which can last a long time without water… especially these ones that do not need it at all. And they are just as cool! MATERIALS Apli coloured card stock Apli Eva foam Apli permanent adhesive Apli scissors Pencil and ruler STEP 1 Download the stencil that is attached at the end of this post, print it and cut out the shapes on card stock. cactusblog6_691x433 STEP 2 Make the cactus by mounting the parts through the dotted line openings. cactusblog8_691x433 STEP 3 Now we are going to make the flowerpots. Its easy peasy! Draw a line with the maximum length of the card stock, about 10 cm below, draw another parallel one about 3 cm underneath on each side and put the marks illustrated in the photo on it. This will mark out the sites where you have to cut out and fold over the card stock. cactusblog1_691x433 See? cactusblog2_691x433 STEP 4 Now, we stick it with the diameter of choice, adapted to each one of the cactus. cactusblog3_691x433 STEP 5 Now we cut out a circle to make the base and… cactusblog4_691x433 ¡Voilà! We have our cactus garden.... cactusblog9_691x433 Have you seen which eva foam flower has come out as our favourite? We love it! :D cactusblog10_691x433