Adhesive white hook and loop fastener tape

10 m white hook and loop adhesive tape dispenser, 20 mm wide. Also known on the market as Velcro. Ideal length for home use. Closing strength up to 10 kg.
stickers display

Counter display stickers

Counter rotatory display with an assortment of 39 different models. Total of 195 stickers. Includes 5 units of each reference. Display made of polystyrene, a tough and resistant material.
textil markers

Textile markers 10 u.

Pack of 10 textile markers in assorted colors: black, brown, purple, dark blue, sky blue, green, red, orange, salmon and yellow. Ø 2.9 mm. blocked round tip pens. With anti-suffocation cap, non-toxic and gluten-free. Wash-resistant.
glitter markers

Glitter markers 10 u.

Pack of 10 markers in glitter colors: black, purple, fuchsia, blue, green, red, orange, salmon, ochre and grey. Blocked round tip pens Ø 3.8 mm. Washable, with anti-suffocation cap, non-toxic and gluten-free. Long lasting ink.
gomets bolsa

Educational stickers in bag- Multicolored removable rounds

Round educational stickers with removable adhesive. Available in assorted sizes and colors: green, lilac, sky blue, yellow, fuchsia, orange, blue-grey. Each bag contains 6 sheets of educational stickers.
star gomets metal

Educational stickers in bag - Multicolored metallic stars

Star-shaped educational stickers with permanent adhesive. Available in different metallic colors and three assorted sizes. Each bag contains 6 sheets of educational stickers.
gomets metalizados

Pack of metallic educational stickers Ø 33 mm

Pack of 4 rolls of XL educational stickers, size Ø 33 mm. Metallic colors: red, green, yellow and blue (one color per roll) Ideal format for schools, children's workshops and kindergartens.
Candy markers refill pack

Double tip markers Candy 6 u.

Candy-shaped markers with double tip: flat 5 mm and round 2 mm. Refill pack of 6 units. Ideal for underlining, marking and writing highlighted text in diaries, notebooks and calendars. Available in 6 colors: pink, blue, purple, orange, green and yellow.
Candy markers

Display Candy Markers

Display of 36 candy-shaped markers, available in 6 colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and purple. New Candy markers to mark, underline and write important texts thanks to its double tip: flat of 5 mm and round of 2 mm.
Gel pen Nordik Collection

Nordik Collection - Gel pens

Display of 60 gel pens in Nordik colors: pink, violet, sky blue and water green. 0.5 mm point, soft touch finish and blue gel ink.