Adhesive glue sticks in purple colour 21 g

Ref. 14392

A 21 g adhesive glue stick in purple colour that disappears when dry.
Solvent-free and non-toxic adhesive glue stick. Designed to slide more smoothly and adhere more effectively, quickly, easily and cleanly. Instant drying without wrinkling or wetting the paper and leaving no lumps or residue after application.
Apt for school use and children's handicraft, compliant with regulations.
Perfect for porous materials: Sticks any kind of paper, cardboard, card and photos, among others.
The colour is used as a guide so as not to extend beyond the edges of what you want to stick and to control the amount of product you want to apply. Colourless when dry.



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1 stick

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Adhesivo permanente
Permanent adhesive
Apto para uso escolar
Suitable for school use