Glitter art

Ref. 17561

A game to create pictures with glitter. Easy and fun: you just have to uncover the adhesive part (using the tool included in the pack) and spread out the glitter to colour the designs.
An APLI Kids exclusive design, colourful and original.
A product with a great content, each pack contains all the material needed to create 4 drawings: 4 cards with the designs printed in colour, 8 cans of glitter in different colours and a plastic tool.
Easy to use: the printed adhesive cards do not need additional adhesive.
The game has high didactic value: it stimulates fine motor skills, develops creativity, manual skills and the sense of colour. In addition, it favours personal enrichment by manual creation.
Recommended for children of 5 years or older

Advertencias de seguridad

May contain small components. Danger of suffocation. Use under the supervision of an adult.


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