Identification tyveck wristbands 5 u.

Ref. 17802
Identification wristbands, size 205 x 19 mm. Each pack contains 5 bracelets. Bracelets made of Tyvek paper, offering greater resistance to tears, scratches and even water, and very soft so as not to harm the skin of children. These bracelets are ideal to avoid children getting lost in a group in crowded areas: excursions, camps, parties, concerts, spectacles, etc. Ideal for writing their name, address or telephone number. Easy to use: Write on by hand or print, separate the bracelet from the rest, place around the wrist, detach the adhesive part and join to close it.


Dimensions of the product

205 x 19 mm


Presentation format


1 sheet

Sales format
Bag with eurohole
Sale unit
Adhesivo permanente
Permanent adhesive