14 Dec. 2018
The tradition of decorating a tree with different wishes is celebrated in different parts of the world, such as Japan, China, India and even in certain European countries such as Scotland and Ireland.
05 Dec. 2018
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash Christmas is here accompanied by the headaches on how to choose what gift to give your little ones. This very important time of the year can sometimes get out
28 Nov. 2018
As we already told you a few days ago, we are preparing for Christmas with handicrafts full of Christmas spirit. Today, we bring you a simple reindeer hairband with bells that will not go unnoticed
23 Nov. 2018
There is only a week to go to Christmas Day. Every year we normally have an advent calendar at home that reminds us of how many days are left until this long-awaited moment, especially for kids. Today
seccion reyes magos
05 Jan. 2018
The Three Wise Men from the East are always the most highly anticipated Christmas characters. The come slowly, crossing the desert and loaded with presents. How about recreating them with three simple
19 Dec. 2017
Washi tape power! How to do a lot with a little. And we are not just talking about few things, but also using little time. The festive season is pure emotion, but it is also intense: buying presents,